The FMEdays are the regularly scheduled meeting of European users and friends of the Spatial ETL tool FME. Organized by con terra and the Canadian FME manufacturer Safe Software Inc. the FMEdays offer an extensive and versatile program all around the FME technology. Make the most of this unique opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and to engage in networking with other FME users, developers and managers from Germany and neighbouring countries.

The next FMEdays are expected to take place in mid-2016. In 2015, the FME World Tour takes place, which includes appearances in Germany in the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich.

Review: FMEdays 2013 in Berlin


The FMEdays programme comprises the three modules, START, MEET and STUDY. The centrepiece is the two-day MEET module, with its specialist presentations and user reports based on practical experience. This central module is bookended by the short presentations of the opening START event and the extensive STUDY module that concludes the week.
Each module builds on the preceding one and can be booked individually if preferred.

All modules are held in both German and English.